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Basic Hydraulics Course
Affiliate Program

Do you have customers who use hydraulics? Our Affiliate Program can give you extra income with a very small amount of effort.

Here's the way it works:

  1. Print copies of our Basic Hydraulics Course Flier #01 and put your contact information in the "Affiliate Rep" space (you can staple your business card there). Please Click Here to open a new window with the flier.

    Please Click Here for tips on printing the flier.

  2. Discuss the Basic Hydraulics Course with your customers and give them each a printed copy of the flier.

  3. Send us an E-mail, fax or letter with some information about yourself and each customer you discuss the Basic Hydraulics course with (see below).

  4. If your customer signs up for a Basic Hydraulics course, we'll send you a check as soon as your customer pays us. For a "standard" Basic Hydraulics course, we'll send you $25 for each paid attendee. A "Customized" Basic Hydraulics course pays $30 per paid attendee.

A "customized" Basic Hydraulics Course with 10 participants pays $300 in affiliate fees, which isn't a bad return for talking to some customers, handing out copies of the flier, and maybe posting a copy of the flier where your customers can see it.

Some customers have only a few people they'd like to send to a Basic Hydraulics course. If you have several customers like that, we can rent a room at a centralized location and have an "open enrollment" course where personnel from the various companies attend the course.

Please Click Here to read our terms of service. Sending us customer names and information indicates you're read and agreed to the Terms of Service.

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Info We Need:

When you E-mail, mail, or fax us the information about the customers you've discussed our class with, please include the following information:

About you (the person or company we're writing the check to):

  • Name

  • Mailing address

  • Phone number

  • Fax number

  • E-mail address

  • Taxpayer identification number (or social security number) of the company (or person) the check is being made payable to.

  • Be sure to specify who the check should be made payable to.

About the customer you gave information to:

  • Contact Name

  • Company Name

  • Company mailing address

  • Phone Number

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