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Basic Hydraulic Training that Pays Off

Looking for basic hydraulic training? Want to give your personnel a solid understanding of basic hydraulics while they learn how your hydraulic system operates? We offer several options to help increase your productivity and profitability:

A one-day on-site class taught at your facility (weekends available)

A one-day open enrollment class in either Columbus, OH or Chicago, IL

An online Basic Hydraulics Course.

The one-day Basic Hydraulics course gives your personnel the knowledge they need to reduce your downtime, cut your operating costs, and do a better job of operating and maintaining your hydraulic systems.

The Customized Basic Hydraulics course does all that and then goes one step further. When your personnel learn to read a hydraulic schematic and learn how various components work together in a hydraulic circuit, the Customized Basic Hydraulics course uses your hydraulic schematic and we focus on your circuit.

"If more of our training was like this..."

We understand there's a risk involved in hiring someone to do training. You don't want to waste money on training that doesn't meet your needs, and you certainly don't want your personnel wasting time in a class that isn't on target.

So we tailor the on-site Basic Hydraulics Course to meet the needs of the individuals in the class. A course presented to your maintenance personnel and machine operators at an industrial facility will have a different focus than a class presented to a room full of engineers. And neither of those courses would have the same focus as a course taught at a company using mobile hydraulics.

The feedback we get about our on-site Basic Hydraulics Class includes "you're right on track," "this is exactly what I was hoping for," "do you teach any other courses?," and "if more of our training was like this, we'd do a lot more training."

Please email or contact us at 614-889-5222 to see how the Basic Hydraulics Course can help meet your training needs.

The Basic Hydraulics course:

  • Provides an understanding of basic hydraulics.

  • Teaches how hydraulics work - hydraulic training on how common hydraulic components operate and interact with each other.

  • Instructs your personnel about reading and understanding hydraulic schematics. The customized version provides hydraulic circuit training that uses your hydraulic schematic.

  • Reviews preventative maintenance procedures.

  • Discusses troubleshooting of hydraulic systems.

  • Provides all participants with a course manual for future reference.

  • Can be customized to include a hydraulic schematic of your equipment.

In addition to teaching about basic hydraulics, the customized version of the course uses your hydraulic schematic to give your personnel a more in-depth understanding of your hydraulic circuit and components.

Who Should Attend?

  - Maintenance Personnel

  - Equipment Operators

  - Purchasing Personnel

  - Plant Supervisors

  - Anyone involved with the adjustment, maintenance, specification, or operation of hydraulic systems.

Does Your Company Need the Basic Hydraulics Course?

Here's a five question quiz to help you decide if your company needs this course. If you've attended our Basic Hydraulics class, you know the answers to questions one through four. On this quiz, the only question you need to get right is question #5.

1) What is the #1 cause of hydraulic component failures?

2) Identify the nine components shown in this circuit and describe the function of each one:

Basic hydraulics training schematic

3) With the maximum system pressure set at 1,000 psi and a gauge reading of 700 PSI, the cylinder in this circuit extends in 4 seconds. If you increase the maximum system pressure setting to 1,400 psi, how long will it take for the cylinder to extend?

4) If the system shown in the drawing is overheating, what is the most likely cause and how do you fix it?

5) Can your maintenance personnel and machine operators correctly answer questions one through four?

If you can't answer "yes" to question number 5, please contact us to discuss either a "Basic Hydraulics" course or a "Customized Basic Hydraulics" course for your company.

Course Length

The on-site Basic Hydraulics Course is typically a one day event at your facility or in a meeting room near your facility. The course is scheduled around your production schedule. The most popular time slot for the on-site class is from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM on a Saturday, but we'll be happy to schedule your hydraulic training at any other day or time.

Our on-site class has a minimum charge equivalent to the cost of having six people in the class. If you have from one to five people who would like to attend a Basic Hydraulics class and don't want to pay the minimum charge, you have the option of sending your personnel to either Columbus, OH or Chicago, IL for an open enrollment Basic Hydraulics Class, conducted near the airport.

Please visit our Pricing page for prices of our various courses.

The Next Step

If you're ready to reduce your downtime, cut your operating costs, and have your personnel do a better job of operating and maintaining your hydraulic systems, give Rob Fish a call at 614-889-5222 or send him an E-mail at . We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a detailed quote for your course.

Coming Soon - An Online Version of the Course!

We're creating an online version of our "Basic Hydraulics" course and, while it is taking a bit longer to put together than expected (isn't that always the case?), we hope to have it functioning soon.

We're tentatively priced the course at just $149.00.

Please check back at a later date to check the status of the course.

Quiz Answers

Please Click Here if you're looking for the answers to the questions on the quiz.

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