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Since you're reading this page, you're probably interested in my hydraulics-related technical background, knowledge, expertise, and "hands-on" experience in the Fluid Power industry. You may also be wondering whether or not the course will keep your personnel interested and involved.

When I started working on this page, I put together a list showing many of the activities and accomplishments that might be considered my "credentials" for teaching this course. The list includes:

- Entering the fluid power industry in 1977 as a sales engineer for a fluid power distributor, Hydraulic & Air Controls in Columbus, Ohio.

- Designing and troubleshooting fluid power circuits, systems, and power units since 1977.

- Teaching "Basic Fluid Power" courses since 1982.

- Attending various "Training the Trainer" seminars and courses.

- Earning the Fluid Power Society's "Fluid Power Specialist" certification in 1987.

- Having a fluid power system I designed be featured in the August, 1993 edition of "Hydraulics & Pneumatics" magazine.

- Spending time over the years turning a wrench - starting with resurfacing pump and motor components on a lapping machine during my initial training, and then doing the same sort of on-site repairs most outside salespeople have to do (a 3 A.M. replacement of pump shaft assembly and cartridge kit comes to mind).

- Having the National Fluid Power Association ask me to make presentation to their members about selling fluid power products and services on the Internet.

- Creating an online directory of hydraulic repair shops.

- Teaching an adult education "Basic Hydraulics" course at Eastland Vocational School in Columbus, Ohio

- Having my "Fluid Power Specialist" certification renewed.

- Consistently receiving the highest possible ratings for "knowledge of material" and "ability to present material" on the Basic Hydraulics course evaluations.

The "Comments from Participants" displayed on each page of the web site were written by maintenance personnel, machine operators, and supervisors who took the course. As you can see from the comments, individuals taking the course find it interesting, informative, and filled with information they can use.

About Customized Creations

The "Basic Hydraulics" course is part of my home-based business, Customized Creations. Any purchase orders and checks for the course will be made out to "Customized Creations.

My wife, Paula, has an advanced case of multiple sclerosis. I started Customized Creations so I could work from home and take care of Paula during the day. While I can bring in help to care for Paula during the week, I prefer teaching classes on the weekend because that allows our kids to take care of Paula without missing work or school.

Customized Creations has three different product categories. In addition to the "Basic Hydraulics" course, there's an online directory of hydraulic repair shops and I make customized magnetic-backed dry erase boards and buttons.

If you have questions about any of the three product categories, please call me at 614-889-5222 or send an E-mail to

I'd Like To Teach A Class For You

I would really like to conduct a Basic Hydraulics course for your company. Your employees will benefit by gaining an understanding of hydraulics and learning all the information shown in our Course Outline. You'll gain by reducing your downtime and increasing your productivity. And I'll gain because I enjoy teaching and each class I teach helps me keep my mortgage company happy.

Please contact me so we can discuss your requirements for a Basic Hydraulics Course.

Rob Fish

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