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A Basic Hydraulics Course
Which Can Be Customized
With Your Hydraulic System

Course Outline:

The topics covered by the customized Basic Hydraulic Course include:

What is hydraulics?

Where are hydraulics used?

Why use hydraulics?

Key fluid power concepts

How various hydraulic components operate

How components work together in a circuit

Schematic symbols and circuitry

Maintenance tips

Troubleshooting tips

Safety tips

Presentation of Material

The folks attending our Basic Hydraulics class are usually maintenance personnel or machine operators - people who don't normally spend their days in a classroom situation. With a combination of computer animation, individual participation, and small group activities to enhance the presentation, we keep participants actively involved in the class.

The vast majority of the "Comments from Participants" you see on these pages were written by maintenance personnel and machine operators. As you can see from the participant's comments, the course gives everyone the opportunity to master the material while maintaining a high level of interest throughout the day.

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