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Printing Tips

Flier picture - please waitThe picture shows what the flier should look like when printed. As you can see, it takes up almost the entire page.

Click Here to open a new window with our Basic Hydraulics Course Flier #01.

Once it is on the screen, if you want to print copies of the flier, all you need to do is pull down the FILE menu and select PRINT, right?

Unfortunately, if your settings aren't just right, the flier may not fill the whole page.

This photo shows how the flier should look when printed from Internet Explorer, on a standard sheet of paper. To get the same results, you may need to tweak your printing settings a bit.

Printing From Your Web Browser: To keep your web browser from shrinking the image, please make sure your web browser has the following settings:

- "Print Internet Headers and Footers" is turned OFF. In my web browser, I do that by pulling down the FILE menu, selecting PRINT, selecting the Internet Explorer print options, and making sure the check box labeled "Headers and Footers" is deselected.

- Select the "Crop Wide Pages" option. In my web browser that option is in the same box as the "Headers and Footers" option. The default is "Shrink Pages to Fit," which makes the flier way too small.

Printing the Flier from Another Program: First download the graphic to your computer.

On a Windows computer, do a right-mouse-click somewhere on the flier, which will open a pop-up window.

On a Macintosh, hold down the "control" key on your keyboard and then click your mouse somewhere on the flier, which will open a pop-up window.

When the pop-up window appears, select the "download image to disk" option. Remember where you put the file, which is named Course01.gif

Open your other program and select whichever command is appropriate to import the image - the command is typically something like "Import," "Place," or "Insert Graphic," and is normally under the FILE menu heading or under the INSERT menu heading.

If you put the image into a word processing program, be sure to make your page margins as small as possible.

If you are printing the image from Microsoft Word, find the "Format Picture" menu item and make sure the scaling is set at 100% and the "lock aspect ratio" is selected. In my version of Word, I pull down the FORMAT menu, select PICTURE, and then in the "Format Picture" window, I click on the SIZE tab to change the scaling.

Problems Printing? If you have problems printing the flier, please feel free to call me any day between 9 AM and 9 PM Eastern time. I'm Rob Fish at 614-889-5222.

High Quality Copies of the Flier: If you send me an E-mail with your name and contact info, I'll be happy to mail you a high resolution printout of the flier which you can copy and distribute. I can even put your information in the "Affiliate Info" square.

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